Debunking Common Myths About Body Waxing

Body waxing is a wonderful way to remove stubborn hairs when you are tired of shaving or your skin is extra sensitive to your razor. Many people are weary of body waxing because there are so many myths about waxing and why it is unsafe, not worth the investment or too painful. These misconceptions could not be further from the truth, and the team here at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa is here to debunk those myths, as well as share with you why body waxing is an excellent alternative to shaving with a harsh, damaging razor. We guarantee that after you are finished reading, you will be ready to schedule a body waxing appointment with our professional waxing technicians! Read on to have these untruths disproved!

MYTH: Your hair needs to be really long to have it waxed.

FACT: Your hair definitely needs to be long enough to adhere to the wax, but it really doesn’t need to be more than one-fourth inch long when it comes to body hair and one-eighth inch when you are looking to have facial hair waxed. In fact, growing out your hair too long will probably result in a more painful waxing experience. This means you don’t have to wait weeks and weeks between waxes—as soon are your hair is one-fourth or one-eighth inch long (depending on the part of your body you want waxed) you can call the professionals at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa to schedule your next wax! Also make sure you are keeping up with a regular moisturizing routine—dry hair is more brittle and has a greater chance of breaking mid-shaft, rather than being pulled out by the root when the waxing strip is removed. Broken hairs like this will grow back more quickly than a hair removed at the root, meaning you will have to schedule more frequent waxing appointments.

MYTH: Waxing facial hair will stretch your skin and result in wrinkles.

FACT: When you make an appointment with the professionals at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa, you can rest assured that our technicians are highly trained experts who take every precaution to ensure you have the most professional and pain-free waxing experience possible. Skilled technicians hold your skin as taut as possible when they remove the wax strip so that your skin has little movement and stretch. If, on the other hand, you are trying to wax your facial hair every single day (which you would hopefully never do) then you may experience stretched skin and, perhaps, eventually wrinkles as a result. But as we mentioned, our trained technicians take every precaution to ensure the highest quality waxing experience.

MYTH: Getting waxed is incredibly painful, always.

FACT: There are many things that play into how painful, or pain-free, your waxing experience is. The most obvious consideration is, what is your pain threshold? If you have an extremely low tolerance for pain, getting waxed is probably going to be a painful experience for you—but pain is beauty, right? You may find that the pain is quick and fleeting and therefore worth the sting. If, however, you have a high pain tolerance, a wax job whether it be body or facial hair, won’t be a big deal. No matter what, pulling a hair from the root is going to be a bit painful whether you are waxing, plucking or threading. At Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa, our technicians are highly trained professionals and follow the proper steps to provide you with the most pain-free body of facial waxing appointments. A technician’s waxing techniques can also influence how painful your experience is, which is why you should turn to the professionals at our award-winning day spa in Frederick.


MYTH: Waxing too frequently will make your hair grow back thicker and darker.

FACT: Take 30 seconds to consider this logic—there is none. How can having your hair waxed and removed from your skin alter the color and thickness of the hair that regrows? You are not increasing the number of hair follicles on your body and you are definitely not affecting the pigment of your hair. Hormonal changes like puberty and menopause can have an affect on hair color and coarseness. Your genetics and even some medications can also change your hair’s color and thickness. Waxing, however, will never change those two characteristics, no matter how frequently you get waxed. If your hair, while growing back, seems a little more full and furry, don’t panic—your hair is not getting thicker! When you get waxed, the waxing strip is pulled off in the opposite direction of natural hair growth. This alters the angle of your hair follicle, resulting in hair that grows back in different directions, giving the appearance of fluffy hair. If the thought of fluffy arm or bikini hair freaks you out, remember that hair only needs to grow out one-eighth inch long before you can schedule your next appointment at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa. A one-fourth inch is so incredibly short that neither you nor anyone else will even notice the multi-directional hairs growing in!

MYTH: You should never take painkillers before getting waxed.

FACT: This is another myth that we never understood. Taking a painkiller before you get waxed is a great idea, especially if you have a low pain tolerance. The root of this misconception stems from the fact that some painkillers, like Aspirin, can thin your blood, causing you to bleed more easily. The truth is, if your waxing is a professional trained (like the expert technicians at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa), you really should not bleed much, if at all, when you get waxed. So taking a painkiller about 30 minutes before your appointment will really only help! And if you are concerned about bleeding or thinning your blood, stick with a painkiller like Tylenol.

MYTH: You will get burned every time you have a waxing appointment.

FACT: It’s true that wax can get heated up too much to the point where it can possibly burn your skin, but a professional and trained waxing technician will never apply wax that it at this temperature to your skin. If your skin is irritated or looks burned after you get waxed, it is probably because your skin was overly exfoliated before the appointment or your skin may be incredibly sensitive. Red skin that appears burned may also occur if an area of skin accidentally got waxed twice. When you get waxed, dead skin cells sitting on your skin’s surface are removed along with your hair—this is called exfoliation. If a patch of skin is accidentally waxed twice, the sensitive skin under the dead skin that was exfoliated will become irritated and red. If, however, you choose to schedule a waxing appointment at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa, you will never have to worry about burned skin because of too hot wax or because a patch of skin was waxed multiple times.

MYTH: It’s OK to use a tanning bed right after waxing.

FACT: No matter what, your skin is going to be extra sensitive to any type of heat sources after waxing. Not only have you ripped hairs out of now-open pores, the wax is hot and you are removing the top layer of dead skin, exposing the sensitive, live, top layer of skin. We recommend waiting a few days before you hit the tanning bed, sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi. If you absolutely cannot wait three days to start tanning, make an appointment to get a sunless, spray tan at our spa in Prince Frederick. You will have the perfect, glowing tan in a matter of minutes, and by the time you are ready to tan again, your waxed skin will be healed and not as sensitive to the warmth of the tanning bed. Or, you can stick with the skin-safe, affordable alternative and continue scheduling your appointments for our South Seas natural airbrush tan!

MYTH: Waxing at home is just as safe and more affordable than getting it done professionally.

FACT: Yes, waxing at home is more affordable than getting it done professionally, but unless you are a trained waxing technician, chances are you are going to make several mistakes that may result in a painful or unsuccessful wax job—and we mean no offense when we say this, we just want you to have a the best and least painful waxing experience! So, make an appointment with our highly trained waxing technicians to see why Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa is the best and most professional spa offering services ranging from waxing to massage, facials, nails, sunless tanning, hair cuts and so much more! And, if you have started to stray from body waxing and are interested in threading, instead, we offer those services as well. Give our team a call today to make an appointment and treat yourself to a day of pampering and relaxation. We are located on Main Street in Prince Frederick and look forward to meeting you soon!