Exciting news for Naturopathic Medicine in the state of Maryland!



Licensure has finally taken effect, so it expands Naturopathic Doctors’ scope of practice of what they can do and offer. A qualified and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) has gone to a 4-year graduate program and has passed their board exams. NDs are allowed to:


– Order and perform physical and laboratory examinations
– Order diagnostic imaging studies and interpret the reports of those studies
– Dispense and order natural medicines (foods, vitamins, enzymes, herbs)
– Perform hydrotherapy, electromagnetic energy and naturopathic musculoskeletal   mobilization
– Teach therapeutic exercises for basic services
– Offer nutrition and health counseling

Dr. Alice Fong is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing at the Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa and she takes a holistic approach to health. Are you fatigued, wanting to lose weight or looking for natural ways to help manage your condition? Schedule your Naturopathic Consultation today! Dr. Alice Fong is offering food allergy testing, hormone testing, heavy metal testing and micronutrient testing.





In celebration of this licensure, we’re offering $100 OFF of your initial consultation for the month of April when you order any of the specialized lab tests offered by Dr. Alice Fong! See www.dralicefong.com/labs.html for more information.