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A Note from Jackie

Happy April everyone! I don’t know about you, but to me, 2016 seems to really be flying by so fast! Last month was a busy training month for our Esthetic team! We are super excited to share many new products, treatments and techniques with you!

We have a new line of skin care products that we will be introducing to you this month: Osmosis! Osmosis offers natural exfoliation, liposomal delivery, immune system restoration, DNA repair, advanced collagen stimulation and skin nutrition enhancement.

At Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa, our philosophy on skin care is that it is much more effective with longer lasting results when taking a more holistic approach. It is not necessary to damage or destroy the skin in order to achieve healthy, beautiful skin for a lifetime.

April is Stress Awareness Month. In this E-zine you will find great content to help you de-stress, look great, be healthier and live a more balanced life! We are looking forward to serving you!

We’ll see you at the Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa!


Bye-Bye Stress! It's National Stress Awareness Month!

Reduce stress so you can be healthier and happier.

Everyone experiences stress on a daily basis. But if left unmanaged, stress can lead to health problems such as anxiety, depression and heart attacks, among other ailments. In celebration of National Stress Awareness Month, follow these tips to reduce stress so you can feel your best!

1. Get Healthy. Taking control of your health can impact the level of stress you experience. Improve your food choices and add an exercise routine to your day. Even 30 minutes of brisk walking each day combined with a healthier diet will make you feel so much better!

2. Laugh!! Laughter truly is therapeutic. In fact, laughter has been known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and increase alertness and creativity. So, laugh away! It really is the best medicine!

3. Get your zzzz's. We are all guilty of not getting enough sleep from time to time. Did you know that poor sleep habits affect many, if not all, areas of your life? When we don't get enough sleep, we simply aren't running at full capacity. We're not giving our best to our jobs, families or even to ourselves. Turn off the television at night and head to bed. Isn't it worth it to improve every aspect of your life?

4. Enjoy a weekend getaway. Grab your bestie and venture out of town for the weekend on a mini vacation to recharge your batteries. Find a B&B and schedule a wine tasting tour at a local winery or give horseback riding a try. You'll be relaxed and ready to take on the world!

5. Relax with a massage! Nothing is more soothing than experiencing a much-needed massage to rid your body and mind of tension. According to the Mayo Clinic, "...the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension." Need we say more? Go ahead and reserve that stress-reducing massage!

Managing stress is all about taking charge of your daily activities and thought processes. You can reduce stress in your life by valuing yourself. It's important to make time for fun and relaxation so you can be in a better position to deal with life's stressors.


Though we all love spring, we don’t necessarily love unveiling our winter skin! Reserve an Exfoliating Body Polish & Airbrush Tan and receive 50% off of your Airbrush Tan!


It's that time of year to go hair-free! Reserve an Extended or Brazilian Bikini Waxing & Brow Reshape and receive 50% off of your Brow Reshape!


Everyone needs a deep cleaning facial for spring renewal. Try the new Rezenerate Facial or enjoy an Ultimate Facial in April and receive 25% off any sunscreen you choose!

Let us help you exfoliate and hydrate, so you can regain your beautiful glow!


Please Join Us!

Natural Weight Loss Seminar
When: Monday, April 11th, 6:30pm
Cost: $20

This Natural Weight Loss Seminar is led by Dr. Alice Fong. She is a Naturopathic Doctor that provides a holistic approach to health and well-being. Weight loss is not about fad diets, it's about long-term sustainable healthy lifestyle changes. 

Dr. Alice Fong will teach you about smart food choices, reading labels, intuitive eating, stress reduction and exercise strategies to help you build new skills to achieve your goals. She will also discuss how certain factors can interfere with a person's ability to lose weight such as poor digestion, poor liver function, food sensitivities/allergies, deficiencies of essential nutrients needed for normal metabolism and mental/emotional issues.


Blissfully at peace, slip away and forget the day as you soak in a moisturizing and comforting coconut milk bath scented with soft notes of lime and coconut. Then, polish off your troubles - along with dry skin - in a silky sugar scrub that will captivate your senses as a light coconut aroma engulfs you.

Your treatment concludes with a Citrine Beach Body Milk Lotion Massage so tranquil, you’ll hear ocean waves in the distance!


Rezenerate Facials!

A Rezenerate Facial immediately helps to improve tone, texture and balance while restoring a healthy, refreshed glow to your skin.

You'll walk out feeling and looking amazing with the full benefits of the Rezenerate Facials which have only just begun!


"They have left out nothing. It's clean and peaceful, consistently amazing services with every visit. Polite support staff, great spa waters and delicious coffee tea snacks. I have been going there regularly since 2009 & even with the move to Main Street, nothing has changed for the negative. I'm proud to say I support this business. Thank you for serving me!
- Jennifer

"The service I received was exemplary. From the moment I walked in, the staff was friendly and helpful. Jody was so nice, offering me a beverage, asking if I needed anything, etc. She put me at ease as she helped me choose the perfect color for my manicure (my 1st time having nails done here). Jody gave me an amazing shellac manicure! My nails look gorgeous! The atmosphere at JMDS is tranquil. Each room I was in was very neat and clean. Thank you for a lovely experience. I will definitely be a repeat client!"
- Kim

"I love JMDS and I love Rhonda...she is so sweet and she really knows what she's doing...I always feel amazing when I leave! I wish I could come in more often. Thanks for being awesome!!!"

Exciting news for Naturopathic Medicine in the state of Maryland!

Licensure has finally taken effect, so it expands Naturopathic Doctors' scope of practice of what they can do and offer. A qualified and Licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) has gone to a 4-year graduate program and has passed their board exams.


See you soon at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa!



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