This month at the spa is all about LOVE, organic treatments and fun gift boxes…all month long!

The number one question we’re asked in February is “Do you offer couples massages”? The answer: Yes, of course! All year round! We also offer duet facials and pedicures, side by side manis, makeovers; whatever you want, bring a friend!

We can have lunch or light fare ordered & served for you AND arrange your day so that you can enjoy special time together. Please reserve now for February though, they are filling up fast! We have the perfect, no calorie, good for you gifts here at Jacqueline Morgan! Stop in and let us help you choose the perfect, customized gift for everyone you love!

Cupid is here and he’s on the move! We’ll see you at the spa!


Cupid's Honey-Butter Cocoon Pedi
Butter Me Up!
Certified organic pedicure includes an organic sugar polish and a rich honey-butter serum made from golden organic honey and glistening sunflower seed oil that intensively repairs and hydrates the heels, followed by organic sweet milk hydrating lotion. And of course, you’ll be polished to perfection! Just what you need on a cold Southern Maryland kind of day!

Cupid's Honey-Butter Cocoon Body Treatment
This decadent body experience begins with an organic sugar body polish to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.  Next, we apply a rich, creamy honey-butter serum made from golden organic honey and glistening sunflower seed oil to repair and hydrate dry, itchy skin. You’re then cocoon wrapped and lulled into deep relaxation with a scalp massage. Add a full body massage to make it an afternoon of pure delight!


Spa day = our favorite day of the week!

Bring a friend and enjoy FREE sauna sessions and a complimentary spa gift for each of you!


Who doesn’t like opening a box full of surprises?


Choose which box you want to fill, then choose 6 home care or boutique items to add; receive HALF OFF of the most expensive item in your box! AND if you want to add a gift card, receive 10% OFF of your gift card! Now that’s a great gift!


“I have been a spa customer for several years, but had my first hair appointment at your salon last night.  Tori was great - listened to exactly what I wanted, was friendly and overall gave great service.  I will definitely be back to see her again! Thanks. “  


“A delight to finally see and chat with you, as you were deadheading flowers, on your spa's front porch.  Sometimes we get so busy we forget to thank those that make our day so special.  Vicki and I were so treated with the of front desk facial by massage by Rhonda.  You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful staff, they represent you, and keep clients wanting to come back.  Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to all. Especially Donna and Rhonda.  PS. Got my facial cleanser in the mail yesterday. What service!”


"Hello Jackie, I wanted to let you know that your staff are a stellar bunch of ladies!  From the moment we came in, everyone was super friendly, and the entire place is very inviting and pleasant. My massage was incredible (I think it was Becky? - I'm terrible with names).  My mother-in-law (Linda) was so impressed with the pedicure that she wants to try to bring her husband back for one. Thanks to your whole team for making my mother-in-law and my birthdays very relaxing, and fun day! Please tell Becky (like I said I'm terrible with names) that the doTerra oil lady said thanks again for such a relaxing massage!  I enjoyed every second of it.” 


“I had a deep tissue massage and Ronda was amazing. A+...My new destination. The red door goodbye!! Highly recommend.”


“I love my shellac manicure and my pedicures! Wonderful services and staff!”



It’s every bride’s nightmare – waking up on her big day and noticing a new blemish just hours before she walks down the aisle. At Jacqueline Morgan, our skincare experts have seen it all so we’re sharing some of the best recommendations for overcoming skin emergences at your wedding or special occasion.

1. Unexpected Zits
Reduce inflammation by placing ice on the problem area. The cold temperature will decrease redness and control swelling. Keep a spot treatment or cortisone cream handy just in case you’re strapped for time. Despite the urge that may arise to pick at the blemish, do your best to resist all temptation! The last thing you want to do is make the situation worse by making it even harder to conceal so play it safe and don’t pick!

2. Dry or Flaky Skin

Your big day should also be one of your best makeup days. We all know makeup and dry skin don’t complement each other. If you’re hoping to achieve an airbrushed look, It’s a good idea to plan on having a series of facials starting a few of months before your wedding day. And your at-home daily care is key! We will show exactly what you need to get your skin in the health possible by your wedding day!

3. Crying Off Your Makeup
It’s always best to plan for tears of joy especially on such a life-changing day! Keep your foundation close by should you need a touch-up throughout the day. Apply the foundation directly down the line of your tear tracks and blend in with a beauty sponge or preferred tool. Have a makeup expert do a test run of your complete makeup look before the big day. Be sure to take pictures and have them recreate the look on your wedding day. Want flawless makeup all day long? Book them for the entire day!

4. Puffy Eyes
A gel eye mask will help calm puffy eyes, however if you find yourself without one you can always place two spoons in the freezer for 15 minutes. Use the rounded side on your eyelids and under your eyes for 5-10 minutes to reduce puffiness. The cold temperature will constrict blood and lymph vessels. Eliminate puffy eyes by establishing a set sleep schedule at least two weeks prior to your wedding. You’ll want to ensure you’re getting eight hours of sleep each night. Stop by Jacqueline Morgan and purchase our #1, favorite eye product – Vita-Peptide Eye Gel to have with you just in case! Learn More!

5. Sunburn
We have THE BEST solution for not only sunburns, but any kind of burn or severely irritated skin. It’s the Environmental Repair Plus® Radical Recovery® After-Sun Lotion made by COOLA. Keep one in your kitchen, your purse and your beach bag! Use it immediately after a burn occurs. It helps take the pain away fast and cools, calms and heals!


6. Allergic Reaction
Environs Antioxidant gel twice a day works wonders. You can also try whole-milk compresses for 10 minutes 2x a day. A quality tinted moisturizer such as Glominerals or Coolas primers are also life-savers to have on you should the reaction happen on your wedding day. Cover up the redness entirely with the cream and apply the moisturizer to add some hydration. Stop in for more details on any of these products, or give us a call!

It’s always a smart idea to keep an emergency kit handy for yourself or a friend. Share these tips with the soon-to-be bride in your life, it could just save her big day!  


See you soon at at Jacqueline Morgan!

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