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This month is all about LOVE, organic and chocolate treatments and fun gift boxes…all month long! We have the perfect, no calorie, good-for-you gifts and spa treatments here at Jacqueline Morgan!


Stop in and let us help you choose the perfect, customized gift for everyone you love!


Reserve now, appointments will fill up fast! 


Spend some time together reconnecting!


 Get “buttered up” with your sweetie and experience these luscious
spa treatments that will leave you both in a state of cocooned bliss!


Cupid's Honey-Butter Cocoon Body Treatment

This decadent body experience begins with an organic sugar body polish to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.  Next, we apply a rich, creamy honey-butter serum made from golden organic honey and glistening sunflower seed oil to repair and hydrate dry, itchy skin. You’re then cocoon wrapped and lulled into deep relaxation with a scalp massage. Add a full body massage to make it an afternoon of pure delight!


Cupid's Honey-Butter Cocoon Pedi

Certified organic pedicure includes an organic sugar polish and a rich honey-butter serum made from golden organic honey and glistening sunflower seed oil that intensively repairs and hydrates the heels, followed by organic sweet milk hydrating lotion. And of course, you’ll be polished to perfection! Just what you need on a cold Southern Maryland kind of day!


Give A Box Of Fun!


Fill a Gift Box with any four (4) items of your choice from

the Boutique or select from a variety of FarmHouse

Fresh products, add a Gift Card of at least $50

and receive 10% OFF of your entire purchase!


Introducing: Environ’s new Avance Elixir!

Take early action and defy age with Environ's new multifunctional Tri-Peptide Complex+ Avance Elixir. The new Avance Elixir helps to minimize the visible signs of aging by helping to protect the appearance of the skin against the damaging effects of UV radiation and pollution; improving the appearance of skin's overall tone, texture and complexion; and by assisting in the maintenance of the appearance of a more radiantly youthful-looking and even skin.

To experience your skin #RebornBeautiful, first normalize the appearance of your skin with one of Environ’s industry leading VITAMIN STEP-UP SYSTEM™ ranges and then target the look of your aging skin condition with this new powerhouse formulation.

Always remember to ask your Skincare Professional to prescribe the best Environ Skincare routine for you to achieve the healthiest-looking skin possible!

Focus on giving your skin more of what it needs with Environ’s
most targeted approach to even better, younger-looking skin.


And for optimum results, include Cosmetic Rolling into your home care
routine every day. Cosmetic rolling assists in increasing the effects of
your topically applied Environ products.


Valentine’s Day has been designated as the day for us to celebrate our love and adoration to the special people in our lives. But, it is important to note that the entire month of February is dedicated to love and romance! 

The usual tradition of enjoying a special dinner, a favorite bottle of wine and bestowing heart-shaped confections along with a long-stemmed rose to your beloved has been practiced by many couples in love. A heart-stopping marriage proposal by a lovestruck Romeo on bended knee is also a common occurrence during the most romantic day of the year. 

If, by chance, you miss the opportunity to do any of the above on Valentine’s Day, take heart - you’ll have the rest of the month to shine your beacon of love upon your sweetheart!

Here are some romantic gestures you can do for that special someone on Valentine’s Day and throughout this month:

Prepare an elegant, romantic meal at home to celebrate the love you feel for your significant other. There are a variety of Valentine’s dinner recipes you can choose from, such as the one we have in this month’s e-zine!

Nourish your relationship with your beloved by spending time together engaging in a specially planned activity that is centered around love, togetherness and romance! This could be a day spent at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa relaxing together as a couple while enjoying luxurious spa treatments. It can also consist of embarking on an exhilarating outing that captures both of your interests.

Reserve a romantic retreat at a charming bed & breakfast inn and pull out all the stops to express the love and appreciation you feel toward your partner! This is also a great way to rekindle the romance in your relationship if it has grown stale over time.


Clean the house, prepare dinner, wash all the dishes and send the kids over to Grandma’s for the evening. This is a thoughtful way to show the one you love that you care about their comfort and happiness! And, what couple doesn’t crave one-on-one time together without any distractions?

Transform your bedroom into a lover’s sanctuary. Light several aromatic candles, sprinkle rose petals on a perfectly made bed with satin sheets, cue up a playlist of romantic music and have a chilled bottle of their favorite champagne on the nightstand. Nothing says romance like sharing an inviting, cozy hideaway made just for two!


Make your loved one breakfast in bed! Adorn a tray with a delicious homecooked breakfast on your best china, a piping hot cup of coffee or tea, and a mini bouquet of flowers in a tiny vase. They will appreciate this sweet, loving gesture and it’ll be a happy way for them to start their day! 

Design a creative coupon book that offers back massages, free chores, personal favors, nights out on the town, etc. that can be redeemed without an expiration date! It’s something fun that they will look forward to.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can make Valentine’s Day and the month of February an exceptionally wonderful experience for the one you love and adore. Consult with Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa and let us suggest even more ideas on how you can plan the perfect romantic day or evening with your special valentine!


Surprise your beloved with this elegant and delicious meal this

Valentine’s Day. It’s the perfect romantic dinner for two! Fondue is a

popular appetizer. Add vegetables to it and you’re good to go! 


See you soon at Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa!

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