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January News

A Note From Jackie

Happy 2016! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!

Ring in the new year right and treat yourself to some of our many wonderful spa treatments at Jacqueline Morgan!

Are you ready to stick to those New Year's resolutions? January is the perfect time to work on an improved you by experiencing a healthier lifestyle. Keep reading for tips to help you make this year your best yet!

Don't miss out on the incredible products and treatments we have planned for you this month! You will definitely want to take advantage of these values!

If you've been thinking about having a session with Alice, our Naturopathic Doctor, she is offering $100 off of your initial session this month!

Happy New Year from Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa! We are excited to kickoff 2016 with you!

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Body Detox

Purchase a series of 3 Full Body Massages and receive 1 FREE Sauna Session!

$243 (savings of $27)

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An Improved You in 2016!

What a perfect time to assess your skin and the products you are using! Reserve a complimentary consultation and bring your current skincare products with you so we can design the ideal program for you for in 2016!

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Achieve better health naturally!

$100 Off initial Naturopathic Wellness Session with Alice

What is a naturopathic wellness session? Naturopathic medicine focuses on holistic, proactive prevention using natural methods in combination with the rigors of modern science. Rather than trying to mask symptoms of a condition with pharmaceuticals, naturopathy tries to find the root cause, remove those barriers to health, and help facilitate the body's inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal wellbeing.

Your naturopathic visit may include stress management, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, nutritional consulting, weight loss management, and/or wellness counseling.

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Pedi of the Month!

A sweet-cinnamon scent fills the room as you soak in Red Hot Sparkling bath oil - a rich blend of hydrating oils including olive fruit and grape seed, with a hint of fresh cinnamon notes. Next, an invigorating sea salt exfoliation with silky rice bran oil and a soft, sweet cream scent. Once your skin is polished and smoothed, enjoy a white velvet buttercream-scented whipped Shea Butter massage with Whoopie! Cream.

Ahhh...fresh-baked enjoyment and zero calories! You'll be ready to play footsies again!


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Meet Tori,
Jacqueline Morgan's
newest team member!

Tori is a recent graduate at Von Lee International School of Aesthetic and has been a licensed cosmetologist for 2 years. She is really passionate about the beauty industry. As your hairdresser, she loves to give you an up-to-date style that you will love and be able to maintain at home, all while socializing with you by letting her outgoing personality shine.

As your esthetician, she wants to make sure your skin gets the attention and care it needs, while making sure you are relaxed and comfortable. Tori wants to make sure she gives you the best experience you can receive, no matter what part of the salon and spa you are in. She is always open to ideas, is growing her education, and hopes for only the best with each and every client.

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"I always LOVE visiting JMDS. The staff is very professional and accommodating."
- Katie W

"I absolutely love this tranquil retreat! Great massage and everyone is so nice!"
- Billie S


Avance DFP 312

The Avance DFP 312 contains super-smart peptides complexes to help keep your skin looking younger for longer.

  • Assists in protecting collagen from degradation and the loss of elasticity characteristic of aged skin.
  • Boosts the formation of collagen, elastin and glycoseaminoglycans
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Moisturising
  • Creates a youthful radiance
  • Suitable for all skin's showing the visible signs of ageing and those wishing to maintain a youthful appearance.

Visit the Spa Boutique to pick up this amazing product and start your journey to younger-looking skin today!!


Improve and Maintain a Beautiful You

Are you ready for an IMPROVED you in 2016? Make this your New Year's resolution...enhance the beauty you already have and show off an improved you this year! We will show you how with celebrity tips to improve and maintain flawless skin all year long!

Detox Smoothie
Here's to your health!
  • 1 1/2 cups Berry Mix (Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries)
  • 1/2 cup Coconut Milk
  • 1 cup Purified Water
  • 1/8 cup rolled oats
  1. Blend everything together until you reach a smoothie consistency. The beauty of berries is their easy prep. Fresh berries need a rinse before going in, while frozen you just pop right in. When detoxing, organic produce is always recommended.

(Recipe found on


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