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A Note From Jackie

jackieSummer has officially arrived!  Time to get out there and have some fun!  It's also UV Safety Month. Check out the article Here Comes the Sun...Now Watch Out! for helpful tips to keep you safe this summer.

July 4th is Independence Day, a celebration of the birth of our nation! We're sure you will be celebrating with friends and family at backyard barbeques and picnics in the park.  Stop by the spa for a spray tan so you can show off that summer tan in your festive summer outfit!

We have some great new sunscreens to protect you from the sun while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy-looking.  Pick up your favorite sunscreen from the Spa Boutique on your way out.

July 13th-19th is "EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week!"  Be sure to read the article, EveryBody Deserves a Massage! to discover the advantages of massage therapy.

We look forward to seeing you in July.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer!

- Jackie

Featured Article

Here Comes the Sun...Now Watch Out!

Since July is UV Safety Month, now is a great time to separate fact from fiction about sun protection. We might think we know everything about defending our skin against the sun's damaging rays, but let's put that knowledge to the test with a little game fact or fiction!

Sunscreens with SPF 100 are twice as strong as those with SPF 50: Fiction
There are two important things to remember about current SPF ratings. SPF refers to the ability of a sunscreen to block ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, which is the burning ray. But it is not a measure for UVA rays, which are more closely linked to deep UV damage. Both UVA and UVB contribute to the risk of skin cancer. Only a broad spectrum sunscreen will protect you from both.

It is logical for someone to think that an SPF of 30 is twice as good as an SPF of 15 and so on. But that is not how it works. The SPF rating is a measure of the time it would take you to burn if you were not wearing sunscreen as opposed to the time it would take with sunscreen on. For example; if you normally would burn after 15 minutes in the sun without protection, an SPF 30 will give 30 more minutes, a 50 will give you 50 more minutes, and so on. The key to not getting burned is to re-apply a minimum of every 60-80 minutes. After sweating or swimming; dry your skin first before re-applying.

Apply sunscreen all over your body before getting dressed: Fact
It might sound strange to grease up before getting dressed, but most clothing - especially the more lightweight fashions of summer - do not protect your entire body from the sun's damaging rays. In fact, your average white T-shirt only has an SPF value of about 7, and if it gets wet, it's even lower, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. So, it's important to apply sunscreen all over your body - even where the sun don't shine - before getting dressed for the day!

If you get a base tan, you won't burn: Fiction
Any sign of color or discoloration to the natural color of your skin is actually not a good thing. The more sun you get - even if you don't burn - the greater your chances of developing melanoma. Getting a base tan doesn't even ensure that you won't soon burn. But, if you're looking for that bronzed look for summer, a spray tan or a self-tanning lotion is your healthiest choice. Book your spray tan with us today!

Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before sun exposure and re-apply every 2 hours: Fact
Yes. This age-old rule is remains true. You want to give the sunscreen time to fully absorb into your skin before going outside. This includes before getting into your car as well because your car windows - even if they are tinted - don't protect you from the sun's rays. When you are out and about, you really can't over-apply sunscreen, but the general rule is still every two hours. Most water-resistant sunscreens, however, should be re-applied every 80 minutes. When in doubt - reapply and follow the bottle's instructions.

One sunscreen does it all: Fiction
There are different types of sunscreens for the different types of skin on your body, such as sensitive formulas for your face, a more balmy consistency for your lips, and waterproof for your body. There are also water-resistant and sports formulas if you plan to head into the beach or pool or get sweaty for a work-out. It's a great idea to stock up on a variety of sunscreens for you and your family's needs. And, don't forget to apply it everywhere- from your earlobes to your toes!

Getting a tan can zap your zits away: Fiction
People think that the sun dries up zits, but really it can cause a buildup of dead skin cells that can clog pores more. The best way to treat zits is to treat your skin better by coming in for regular facials and using exfoliating and deep cleansing products at home. Book your facial today and ask our aesthetician for skin care products for your at-home use.

Come visit our retail area to stock up on your summer sunscreen needs today! And, don't forget, if you did get too much sun, a cooling facial is a great after-sun treatment. Book your summer skin care treatments today!

Spa Promotions

jackieBuffed & Polished to Perfection!
Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with a Honey-Yogurt Nourishment Body Polish & Wrap to remove toxins and reveal soft, radiant skin followed by a Deluxe Spa Pedicure. Call the spa to reserve your treatment. $150

Here Comes the Bride!
Are you getting married or know someone that is? We have everything the Bride-to-be will need to prepare for her big day! Indulge in a Signature Facial, Aroma Spa Body Wrap, Shellac Manicure and a Signature Pedicure so you can look and feel radiant when you walk down the aisle! A perfect gift for a beautiful Bride-to-be!! $265

jackieEnviron Gift Basket Giveaway!!
Don't miss out on this July-only event!

With every Environ home care purchase of $75 or more, you will be entered to win a basket of Environ products ($250 value)! All of the best Environ products will be included! Stop by to take part in this exciting chance to win some great products!

July's Featured Pedi!

Colada Sparkle Pedicure! Take in the scents of coconut, pineapple & papaya while giving your tootsies an extra dose of creamy, luxurious hydration! Reserve your pedicure today! Only $50

Events at a Glance

The countdown has started!

July will be our last month at 75 Armory Road. After that, you can find us at 128 Main Street in Prince Frederick!

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Here's a recent review from a long-time guest.

"I have been receiving wonderful facials from Donna for years and have just started getting fabulous pedicures at JM from Jody. Both of these staff members are excellent and so are the receptionists. I feel pampered and taken care of the minute I walk in the door. Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa is as good (if not better) than any of the so called "ritzy" spas in the Washington, DC area. Why leave Calvert when the best is right here?" - Jody L

Thank you for choosing Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa, Jody!


Spa Cuisine

Mango Salad

A refreshing way to cool off this summer!

- 1 watermelon
- 2-3 mangoes
- 1 tablespoon lime juice
- 1 teaspoon lime zest
- 1/2 teaspoon sugar

1. Remove watermelon rind.
2. Remove seeds and cut it into 1-inch pieces.
3. Peel the mangoes and remove the pits.
4. Slice into 1-inch pieces and add to watermelon.
5. Add lime juice, zest, and sugar.

Chill at least 30 minutes, tossing occasionally.

Makes 6 delicious servings!

Ask a Therapist

Q: I have tired, achy muscles. How often should I get a massage to receive optimum results?

jackieA: There are many factors that can affect how often you should get a massage so the best way to decide is to have a discussion about it with your massage therapist. They will be able to give you recommendations based on your current stress and pain levels, the length of time you have had any issues or injuries, other types of therapies you receive, lifestyle, etc...  The way you incorporate massage into your wellness plan is a personal choice and in the end, you know what is best for you!

It is always important to remember that it may have been years of bad posture, habits or other repetitive actions that have led to your current issue, which means it most likely won't be a simple fix.  Regular body work and self-care is essential for creating lasting change in your health!

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