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A Note From Jackie

jackieHappy May! The weather is almost perfect, flowers are blooming and the crisp smell of fresh air is all around us! It is a great time of the year to celebrate renewal!

I am dedicating this month's newsletter to my Mom! She is an amazing woman who has taught us so much - to work hard for what you want and stand up for what you believe, and also, to forgive, to love and to care about others. She is the most compassionate person I know. Thank you, Mom! You're the best Mom &”Mimi” that we could have ever hoped to have. We love you more than words can say!

Be sure and read the article included: 6 Ways to Show Mom You Love Her. I think you'll find some really unique ideas!!

Also, this month is Skin Cancer Awareness Month: Did you know that over 2 million people in the United States are diagnosed with a skin cancer each year with a lifetime risk of 1 in 5. There are many different types of skin cancers. Jacqueline Morgan Day Spa is committed to helping you keep your skin healthy and protected by using the right sun protection. Check out our new line of organic sunscreens below. You'll love them!

Also, in this issue we have included all sorts of healthy recipes for you to try and enjoy. Some are ideal for Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day and Memorial Day!  Let us know which one was your favorite.

We'll see you at the spa!

- Jackie

Gift Card Special!

Purchase any gift card in the amount of $100 or more and receive a complimentary White Lion tea sampler; wrapped and ready to gift! Purchase any gift card in the amount of $150 or more and receive a free White Lion tea sampler AND a FREE $20 gift card for you to keep or give away!

Featured Article

6 Ways to Show Mom You Love Her

Though we all try to show it year round, Mother's Day is a special time to remind Mom just how much we truly care, love, and appreciate her. While Sunday brunch, flowers, a heart-felt gift, and a tear-jerking card are usually on the agenda, here are six more ways to show Mom just how much you care.

1. Spend time with her at the spa: Naturally, a day at the spa is a wonderful way to spend time together with no distractions! Relax, de-stress, and enjoy some good old-fashioned girl talk while having duet pedis!  We have a wonderful menu of treatments to treat mom. Call us at 410-535-6059 to reserve one of the promotions so you can plan the perfect day.

2. Check Something Off Her To-Do List: We all have an ever-growing to-do list with that one errand or chore that just never seems to get done. Take a look at Mom's to-do list and check one big item off of it for her. It might be updating the software on her computer, helping her plant a garden, or cleaning out her closet for some spring cleaning. Whatever it is that Mom's been dreading doing, do it for her with love!

3. Participate in Her Hobby for a Day: Does Mom have a hard time getting someone to see a play, the opera, or the ballet with her? Has she asked you to take a cooking, dance, or gardening class together? Show Mom that you care about her personal interests by just saying "yes" the next time she asks you to join her for one of her hobbies. Better yet, offer to take her on her activity of choice for this Mother's Day weekend.

4. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane: Schedule some "remember when...?" time with Mom. Dig out that old box of photos, letters, and keepsakes and sit down together. Create a scrapbook or photo album of the special moments the two of you have shared; from the time she brought you home from the hospital to the cup of tea you're sharing right now for this trip down memory lane.

5. Socialize & Digitize Her! Learning new technology and social media can be intimidating and challenging for anyone. So, help Mom out with this! Get her set up on Facebook to connect with long-distance friends and family or help her create a fun Pinterest board for her arts and crafts. You can also digitize her favorite CDs by uploading them into iTunes and syncing her music with her phone.

6. Go For a Walk: We all need to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life once in a while, such as, a nice long chat over a slow walk with Mom. It's a great way to really catch up, burn a few calories, and take in some fresh air and nature at the same time!

Spa Promotions

Share a wonderful experience with Mom.

Receive Moms, Grads, Teachers Spa Packages!

Receive (or pre-purchase on a JM gift card) on any day in the month of May:

Gift Package 1 - A Signature Facial and Signature Full Body Massage $170

Gift Package 2 - a Signature Facial and a Classic Manicure & Pedicure $167

and receive a FREE Gift with your purchase! Free gift set includes full size Farm House Fresh Hand Cream & Bath Fizz! ($34 value)

To Reserve an Appointment Please Call Us at 410-535-6059

jackieFeatured Pedi of the Month:
Gingerita Pedicure!

For a little fun and a lot of relaxation - with a lime, please! Begin with a citrus vitamin soak that includes antioxidant-rich grape seed and olive fruit oils.  Next, sugar, vodka, and watermelon and basil oils combine to exfoliate skin smooth with a juicy, mouthwatering finish. Your Gingerita treatment is topped with a silky Ginger Sorbet lotion massage that leaves you limber and feeling light on your feet! $55

To Reserve an Appointment Please Call Us at 410-535-6059

New Sun-free Tanning System
You asked for it and now we have it!
Heated Sunless Airbrush Tanning

The ultimate heat activated solution for those seeking a rich, luxe tan. Evolv.'s heated application process is delivered two ways. First, your skin is prepared keeping you dry with a gentle flow of warm air. Second, heat is infused directly into the tanning spray creating an airbrush application you can barely feel as it is being applied. The warmth not only comforts, but allows the pores to open up and become supple; a much better canvas for a tanning solution than goose bumps.

The Evolv. solution is enhanced with Tea Tree, Argan and Grapeseed Oil and contains a combination of Erythrulose and DHA to produce a tan that lasts longer, fades more evenly, and provides a natural color for all skin types and tones. This formula is infused with potent, antioxidants and botanicals for a realistic, healthy glow.

Advanced Customization
Evolv Custom Airbrush Tan Single Session (Level 1 or Level 2) $38
Package Deals
- Package of 3 $98 (save $16)
- Package of 6 $180 (save $48)
- Package of 12 airbrush tans for only $380 (save $76) - that's two free tanning sessions!
- Face, Shoulder, and Arms Only $15
- Legs and Feet Only $18

Optional Airbrush Tanning Additives (Custom Options)
- Fragrance (dessert bloom or coconut lime) $2
- Bronze Drops $3
- Accelerator $7
- Pre-tan Color Balancer $6
- Post Tan Color Lock $6

Evolv Couture Airbrush Tan Single Session $53
(Includes Pre-Tan Color Balancing treatment, After Tan Color Lock Moisturizing Treatment & Choice of Fragrance Drops)

Couture Package Deals
Package of 3 $139 (save $20)
Package of 6 $268 (save $50)

May Airbrush Special:
Purchase any series package of 6 or more in the month of May & receive One FREE Couture Airbrush Tan!

To Reserve an Appointment Please Call Us at 410-535-6059

Events at a Glance

Have you heard the news?

Jacqueline Morgan Spa is moving! We are so excited to announce our relocation which will be at 128 Main Street in Prince Frederick (right next door to Davis Upton). We plan to open in our new location in July! We'll keep you updated!

Have you joined the Jacqueline Morgan Wellness Club yet? If not, you should! Every time you spa, you will earn 1% in spa rewards!

Join Now and Start Earning Spa Dollars!


Our Favorite Things!

Now available at Jacqueline Morgan Spa

With Coola, feeling is truly believing.  You won't believe the feel, texture and smell of this amazing organic suncare line that is like no other on the market.  They use less active ingredients (7x less) than other suncare brands, but are able to achieve the same SPF value by boosting the strength of the active ingredients with amazing plant extracts.  The result is proven suncare without the side effects that people don't like about sunscreen.  There isn't any white residue, stinky smell  or greasiness.  Elle, New Beauty, Self, Women's Health beauty award winner!


Spa Cuisine

Perfect Memorial Day (May 26):

Red, White & Blue Fruit Cups
Combine 1-cup each of strawberries (de-stemmed and chopped) and blueberries (make sure you have equal amounts of blue and red) and then lightly drizzle clover honey over the berries. Top the treat with your favorite whipped cream for the white of this Red, White & Blue dessert! Add a little crunch with crushed pignolias (pine nuts) sprinkled on top. Keep it fresh - buy organic farmers' market berries and all-natural organic honey.  And, keep it healthy with a low-calorie and fat-free whipped cream.

Bon Appetite!


Ask a Therapist

Q: Is it enough to use my cream for sun protection or do I need to use a sunblock, too?

A: An interesting fact that is helpful to know is that your moisturizing or skin treatment cream should not contain a sunscreen. The reason for this is that, if you think about it, sunscreens block! Therefore, they also block absorption of your moisturizer! For best results, moisturize your skin first and then apply your sunscreen of choice.

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